Has Pakistan moved backwards in the last 30 years? Feb. 12 1983 was the day when scores of people came out on the streets to protest against Gen Zia’s dictatorial ‘Law of Evidence’. Since then Feb 12 is observed as Pakistan Women’ Day, since Zia’s demise in an air crash, it has been a long climb uphill for women to get back their rights snatched during the dark days of Zia’ regime. Has someone felt ashamed on the resolution passed by Pakistan Senate on Feb. 12 2014? The resolution asks the government not to compromise on rights of women and minorities in the ongoing negotiations with Taliban. Is there any alternate word for ‘Surrender’; that’s what Pakistan state has chosen by entering into peace talks with those who don’t recognize its Constitution, its democratic form of governance, judicial system, multi-religious sectarian society, are murderers of 50,000 Pakistanis. As a defeated army always makes its last ditch effort to appeal to the winners not to kill and plunder its cities, similarly Pakistan’ upper house of the parliament – Senate moves in frustration.

Perhaps the senators are not aware that the old general is smiling while looking down from hell that the journey towards darkness he started in 80s is still continued, even if he is no more alive to see what his children are doing. His ex-colleagues from ‘Right-Wing’ parties and their brain-child, Taliban are very much here to finally take over Pakistan. Zia ruled the country as a dictator but Taliban are more vicious than him as they are going to install Mullah Fazllullah as Caliph and Mullah Umer as ‘Ameer-ul-Momineen’. Is there an alternate word for ‘Banana Republic’?


Saudi Arab, February 13.