Rawalpindi - The Punjab government has imposed a ban on up-gradation of high schools into higher secondary schools across the province, said an official.

The provincial government, meanwhile, has degraded around 203 higher secondary schools into high schools all over the province on the basis of their poor performance and low strength of students. The official said that under a set policy, the teachers and students of these demoted schools would be shifted to other nearby higher secondary schools. He said that these degraded schools had less than 80 students each and their continuation tantamount to wasting of resources. The official said that if any higher secondary school did not offer a particular subject, which was taught in these schools, teachers of such subjects would be relieved and made headmasters of other schools.

Meanwhile, at a meeting held under the chair of Secretary Higher Education, it was also decided that no high school in the province would be upgraded to higher secondary school except for an extreme case necessitated so.

The official said that the provincial government has also decided to do away with the National Education Policy initiated by the Muhammad Khan Junejo’s government.