Watching TV has become a pastime I am forced into. With grownup children busy in their own lives, most people like me in our old age, and have to rely on the ‘idiot box.’ Talk shows and drams fill the time. I have always been fascinated with information and my job as a journalist, forces me to also stay in the picture.

Last night on one of my favourite shows, I was stuck by the realities of theories spewed in the west. John Perkins an author of many books wrote about what is happening in our country and many countries in Africa. His theory is no conspiracy theory as it makes too much sense. His lectures given on ‘Economic Hit Man’ tell how the third world countries are enslaved by IMF and the World Bank – the evidence is in front of us. Nawaz Sharif has taken more loans than any government has in the last four decades.

Nawaz Sharif - a man from the merchant class knows that he will never get another chance to come to power – has taken this as a last opportunity to fill his pockets. In doing so has smashed everyone’s dream of a better future, which everyone who voted for him believed.

Maybe as a nation we deserved him, a man who has a worse ego that the Pharaohs of Egypt and who is blind and deaf to the cries of the masses. The oppression has come to the stage when he may see his house of cards come tumbling down. He should have made some semblance of productive work, but no, the nation saw an inflation never dreamed about, the lack of electricity continues and the recent petrol crises maybe the last nail in his coffin.

We are all corrupt. It has permeated into our blood. And now even if we get an honest man to rule, we would not know what to do and how to act as we have become a part of this system , which looks for shortcuts, cutthroat business and cheating even our own family.

The only way out or our salvation would be a revolution. But can we hope for one?