LAHORE - The Pakistan Awami Tehreek has claimed that treasure found in Chiniot and Rajua were actually found ten years ago.

It is a big shame that the prime minister and Punjab chief minister have made the masses fool once again, blamed the PAT.

It was stated that this drama had been played to legitimize the exploration company to whom the Sharifs had given the contract after cancelling the contract given to a company which was operating here for several years.  The report said that it was criminal silence of the Sharifs for seven years and questioned why the Punjab government, which has paid over Rs 1200 million to this company, kept the name, work and agreement with this company in the dark and why have these things not been made public?

The report said that the province was being run like a land company. It said that companies had been formed from meat selling, garbage lifting and running busses.

Dr Raheeq Abbasi demanded that all the details pertaining to the terms and condition offered to exploration companies be made public so that the people of the country know what is going on and what is being paid to these companies and what these companies are giving back in return of the hard earned taxpayers money they are receiving.

Meanwhile, the central working committee of the PAT is meeting at party head office in Model Town in Monday to discuss the current political situation and to devise future strategy.