Islamabad - The traditional breakfast of Halwa Puri remained at its peak during the whole winter season and people with their families and friends enjoyed the traditional food.

In winter eating oily and rich energy food is the most favourite which not only keeps the body temperature warm but also liked by people especially on weekends. Special stalls are set offering variety of hot Puri with Channa and different kinds of Halwas at majority of capital markets so that people can enjoy the savvy food easily. A few shops famous for traditional foods offer it daily throughout the year while others sell it at weekends or during winters only. Variety of other foods like Nahari, Murg Channa, Siri Pai, etc. were also offered at these shops and a large number of people visit them or take away for their families.

Ali Zia, a student of BCom at a private college said, “We are five friends and during exams preparations, we go for breakfast at any halwa puri shop, a feast for us after tiring studies the whole night.

Habib Hanif, an employees of a media organization, said, “If I am on duty on weekend, my colleagues ask me to bring fresh crispy Puri with Halwa and Channa for breakfast and we enjoy it together.”

Sumbal Hussain, an architect sharing her remarks said, “On weekend all my family members and children are at home so we do special arrangement for breakfast.” She said on off day families have time to sit together and spend time with each other so eating traditional foods is a major attraction.