Pakistan Railways set to achieve Rs28b revenue target

LAHORE (Online): The government is taking several measures to make Pakistan Railways profitable organisations. According to details, freight trains are being increased to earn more revenues and tariff is being regularly rationalised to attract more passengers. Availability of locomotives, through repair, in freight pool has been increased upto fifty locomotives on daily basis which has made it possible to start more than six freight trains daily from Karachi Port. This has increased earning and Pakistan Railways is set to surpass revenue target of Rs28 billion fixed by the government.

The measures also include improvement in punctuality of passenger trains from ten percent to fifty-five percent. Oil reserves were limited to one day which has been increased to twenty days for smooth trains operation.  Competitive freight rates are being offered to divert freight traffic from road to rail.

CDA to utilise sewerage water for

agriculture and gardening

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will use sewerage water for agriculture, parks and greenbelts that would not only increase fertility of the land but also help save clean water. An official of CDA told on Sunday that the project of utilising the sewerage water will be started in the areas of Tarlai and other adjoining villages of capital. He said CDA in cooperation with Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) has conducted visits of different fruits and vegetable farms in the Federal Capital to identify the potential and sites where sewerage water could be used as irrigation water.

He said sewerage water will also be used for watering parks and greenbelts of the Capital.

To a question, he said that CDA with the collaboration of ICT administration and PAK-EPA is through this project also working on controlling sewage pollution in the catchment area of Rawal Lake and Simly Dam which is the source of drinking water for the twin cities.

Elegant artificial jewellery

attracts women

ISLAMABAD (APP): The colourful stalls displaying elegant artificial jewellery made of metals, like copper, steel and brass, and imitations of precious stones are attracting a number of females in the capital city these days. According to the shop owners at different markets, the artificial jewellery specially rings, earings, bracelets and chains are in now a days because firstly they are weightless and secondly they are affordable, therefore the sale of artificial jewellery continues throughout the year. “The main reason behind buying of artificial jewellery is its purchasing-power for the customers, who cannot afford to buy gold,” said a shopkeeper at F-10 market.

Sadia Khan, a housewife shopping at F-10 market said, “Artificial jewellery is basically for middle class women, who can not afford gold jewellery for domestic use. However, women of upper class, too, are wearing it now a days” she added.

Javed, a shopkeeper said artificial jewellery available in the market is mostly produced in Karachi. Some are imported, mostly from India, Thailand and China, however sometimes, it is really difficult to differentiate between a gold ornament and an artificial embellishment.

China, Brunei LNG offer proves

trust in govt policies

ISLAMABAD (INP): Offer by China and Brunei to provide LNG to Pakistan shows increasing trust of international community in the policies of incumbent Government, a business leader said Sunday. The decision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to initiate negotiations for import of LNG from Malaysia, Algeria, Nigeria and Trinidad is a wise move which will help Pakistan mitigate energy crisis, said Mian Shahid, Chief of United International Group. In a statement issued here Sunday, he said that government is serious in fulfilling promise of resolving energy crisis which will pave way for a developed and prosperous Pakistan.

Lauding the efforts of PM Nawaz Sharif, CM Shahbaz Sharif and Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, he said that our leaders would soon get nation relieved of power and CNG loadshedding, he said.

Import of LNG will not only revive CNG sector with Rs 450 billion investments on stake but also provide millions of jobs besides combatting pollution.

Mian Shahid said that Pakistan has become a lucrative market for LNG suppliers and that TAPI initiative will have a positive impact on whole region.

He said that recent discoveries of mineral reserves in Chiniot including gold, copper, iron ore and silver must be tackled on preferential basis with caution to avoid repetition of Reko Diq mistakes.

Mian Shahid said that unprecedented fall in the prices of gas in the international market is not only hurting LNG producers but also the shipping industry. The situation can transform into a global crisis anytime.

He said that Ogra quorum must be completed immediately as it can hurt development of energy sector in Pakistan.

Dastgir lauds NBP’s welfare works

KARACHI (APP): Federal Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastgir has praised the National Bank of Pakistan’s (NBP) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Division for their humanitarian activities across the country. Addressing the Annual CSR awards ceremony organised by NEFH, he expressed gratitude to NBP President Ahmed Iqbal Ashraf and CSR Division head Iqbal Qasim for their cooperation in social welfare works, said a NBP press release issued here on Sunday. Khurram Dastgir said he was delighted to know that the NBP is serving in the fields of education, health and culture in the country, which included renovation of schools, setting up of medical camps and holding of cultural festivals and Mushairas.

He said other institutions should follow the footsteps of the NBP in this regard.

On the occasion, NBP CSR Division’s Coordinator Ghulam Muhammad Khan was presented an award for his services.

In his speech, Ghulam Muhammad Khan said the NBP will offer around 70 sponsorships in different fields this year to the benefit of the common man.

NEFH Secretary Naeem Qureshi, Australia’s High Commissioner and South Korea’s envoy also spoke and threw light on the activities of CSR.