A:     I went to one of those khalis food market events recently, and the prices just blew me away. The same vegetables that I can get at any kiosk were being sold for triple the price.

S:     It's because it's organic.

A:     Sadiq we live in Pakistan, it's all organic. It's all a myth. We all use the same seeds, it’s a myth. A myth created abroad and we buy this stuff because we're fooled into thinking that it's healthier. A potato is a potato is a potato.

S:     Yes but I have been to these markets as well. Ate saag once, to die for, and this girl had cupcakes… delicious.

A:     And how much did that cupcake cost?

S:     150 Rupees.

A:     Exactly. Why?

S:     Because she was an artist.

A:     There was this girl selling pins and buttons, and I liked a few for my sister. Harry potter and all. I thought a button would be, what, thirty rupees? Eighty rupees max? It was for a hundred and twenty! The size of a thumbnail! By that time I had made so much small talk, I felt cheap not buying something. She was creative, I must say, but she was a thug.

S:     Look, these are things that you don’t see in the market. That is why there’s a premium.

A:     Sure, some… but there was a burger stall, and every burger was five hundred rupees. How gourmet is the burger that is selling for half a grand? I tried it and I thought that that kid who makes burgers in Main Market would make a killing here. His eighty rupee burgers tasted better and would be a huge hit.

S:     But would the crowd that comes to these things buy it?

A:     Yes, they would. But that kid doesn’t have access to this kind of event or society even though he can contribute and stands to gain the most. It’s a class thing, and we perpetuate it without even thinking.