Another match against India in the World Cup and another loss as well. It is difficult to understand how we always lose against them in the World Cup whereas we have a better record overall. Why is it that we cannot win against our archrivals in the biggest tournament in cricket? Is India’s team just better than ours? Do they handle nerves better than we do? Or is their side led by a superior captain? I guess it’s a combination of all these reasons. There’s one other thing that stays consistent besides our defeats – Misbah Ul Haq’s performances. I have never been Misbah’s advocate. I am one of those who have constantly criticized him for how he has performed. I respect him as a captain and the stability he brought to our team but as a batsman in my opinion there have always been question marks. My problem with him has not been the low strike rate with which he bats, it is more to do with why he bats that way when he can score fast. In the recent past however, he has removed any doubts that I had and has risen up to the occasion time and time again. Yesterday as well, he was the lone ranger trying his best while he saw his team collapse. I am certain that the entire nation empathises with him. I sincerely hope we have someone in our team who can compliment Misbah and win matches for us. If it was ever that this needed to happen, it is now.

–Shaan Tahir