Rawalpindi - During a safety training session for government schoolteachers, the local administration failed to make proper seating arrangement, forcing many of them to sit on the floor to listen to lectures and solve question papers.

After the Peshawar Army Public School massacre on December 16, the Punjab government has launched a school safety drive for education institutes across the province by offering training sessions to students and teachers alike. The Rescue 1122 had arranged the training session for around 167 schoolteachers from across the Rawalpindi division at the Government Muslim Higher Secondary School Saidpor Road, but mismanagement and poor seating arrangements marred the session. According to the teachers, the hall, where Rescue 1122 officials conducted the training session, was too small to accommodate them and many of them either had to sit on the floor or attended the session while standing. The teachers said that many of them were also made to sit on the ground of the school to solve papers they were given at the end of the session. The teachers, on the occasion, objected to the poor seating arrangement but no one heeded to their complaints.

Headmasters’ Association President Chaudhry Sagheer Alam, meanwhile, announced that the teachers would boycott such sessions in the future unless they were assured of proper seating arrangement and an unconditional apology was sought from them over the maltreatment meted out to them in the last session.