For the last sixty six years Kashmir is embroiled in crisis. It stands as a wounded region, a region that has bled and which is scarred and disfigured. While Kashmir burns, in its quest for independence, while Kashmir’s suffer untold miseries at the hands of the Indian forces, the international community stands as a silent spectator. Silence is not merely staying quite over an issue of social relevance; it has several layers to it. The chief one involves inactive participation in resolving issues of grave concern, where a little active participation can reap tremendous benefits. Silence is what defines the attitude of the international community. It does nothing more than the condemnation of the wrongs being done, against the Kashmir’s, thus establishing condemnation as a potent synonym for apathy, coupled with helplessness. For how long will Kashmir face this grisly war and remain a Valley of Death? For how long will our Kashmiri brethren bear the brunt of Indian atrocities? For how long will our Kashmiri mothers, sisters and daughters be susceptible to physical abuses?


Lahore, February 5.