The rates of major vegetables and other essential food items remained stable in open as well as Sunday Bazaars during the week, as compared to the last week.

The significant reduction in some food items was also registered during the week as chicken were available at Rs150-40 per kg while eggs also shown a considerable cut in their prices to Rs88 per dozen against Rs100 per dozen of last week. Fresh vegetables prices remain unchanged last week as compared to the preceding week as cabbage was being sold at Rs25 per kg, Karila at Rs80 per kg, brinjal at Rs 40 per kg, Shimla Mirch at Rs65 per kg, cucumber at Rs40 per kg, green chili at Rs70 per kg, green peas at Rs25 per kg, ginger at Rs140 per kg, garlic at Rs190 per kg, potatoes were being sold at Rs25 per kg, while onions at Rs20 per kg.

Vendors said that the rates of onions, potatoes, green peas, green chili and other fresh vegetables were available on low rates in Sunday bazaars and other vegetable markets due to enhancement in supply, as no effect of cut in petroleum prices were seen on rates of any kitchen items in any wholesale or retail market.

During the week, sugar remained available for Rs54 per kg, pulse Masoor washed at Rs 150 per kg, pulse Moong washed at Rs 180-185 per kg, pulse Mash washed at Rs 165-170 per kg, different qualities of rice were being sold at Rs 80-140 per kg, vegetable ghee loose at Rs140-165 per kg, milk fresh at Rs65 per liter and curd was being sold at Rs75 per kg, mutton at Rs700, different kinds of fish were available at Rs250- 350 per kg, while beef was being sold at Rs350 per kg.

Fruit prices almost remained unchanged last week as compared to the preceding week as bananas were being sold at Rs50-80 per dozen, apple at Rs 60-140 per kg, kinoo at Rs 40-45 per dozen, fruiter at Rs 50-60 per dozen and guava at Rs75 per kg.