Islamabad - The diminishing winter season opens a good opportunity for people to take advantage of “winter sales” as almost all the major brands have considerably reduced prices of their quality garments, fabrics and shoes etc. Shops have put their available stocks on sale to accommodate fresh arrivals for spring and summer. One can buy variety of woollen fabrics, garments, shoes and other accessories including mittens, hats, mufflers, sweaters, shirts, long courts and jackets almost at half of their original prices. “A segment of the society considers it convenient to buy winter clothes in seasonal sales being affordable,” said Aisha, a shopper at Jinnah Super Market.

She said they waited for sale offers to buy trendy clothes at half price. “Shopkeepers want to sell out most of their stuff of the current season because fashion will usually change till next season.”

Mohsin Fiaz, a banker, said, “Coats, jackets and sweaters are mostly used for many years so I prefer to buy clothes for my family at sale rates rather than paying high prices of same stuff during peak season.”

Shama, a customer at Centaurs Mall, said it was good to rush the market as soon as sale was announced because all the good stuff was picked by early birds and late comers would have to compromise on leftovers.

“The announcement of 50% discount sounded attractive and we rushed to brand shops, but the material available there disappointed us. I visited almost a dozen shops but the colour combination of ready made clothes was not so good. If something of choice was found, sizes were out of stock.”

Asma Tufail, another customer at Jinnah Super Market, said, “I was interested in buying shoes but the variety was not up to the mark. I was looking to buy good shoes for my children at a reasonable price but could not find anything yet”.

A shopkeeper at Aabpara market said, “New variety will come in next season and this stuff will be out of fashion so we try our best to dispose off as much of the stock during the season.” He said the new stock of spring season would be displayed after a month and then it would not be possible for them to keep the winter stuff in stock, so they preferred to announce sale before the end of season.