Do you know education is limited only for specific people? The aristocracy might enjoy the fruit and taste of education; proletariat will just suffer and struggle. Most things are happening against the principle of merit including taking hefty payments from students. This is the only unsympathetic case for government. Admissions against merit is not issue for medical students, the same practice is now for all. Private educational institutes as well as universities’ behaviour is merchandising. Moreover, an education tax is also applied which is unbearable for the poor and middle classes. In QS World University rankings, Pakistan’s Higher Education System is worst. In that condition, it was necessary to spend at-least 5% of GDP for education. 

As a further matter, the government has given a free hand to the private sector to charge maximum-fees. Charging maximum fee is governmental iniquity with their poor people, who have the urge to educate their children. The government is discouraging them leaving them hopeless. When we go through the reason behind it, we need to set our priority in order and make policies that would benefit all. I ask the government not to crush the poor if you have planned to educate Pakistan and your future. 


Islamabad, February 10.