LAHORE -  An exhibition of oil paintings titled ‘Lahore Nostalgia’ of artist Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi featuring Lahore’s rich cultural heritage and paying tribute to Charing Cross blast victims opened at Zulfi’s Art Gallery on Yesterday.

The paintings displayed showcased traditional street culture of Walled City and panoramic view of its buildings, rural landscape, village life, Chittah Gate, Paparr Mandi, paratha shop, chai khana, fruit market at Landa Bazaar, Moti Bazaar, the station paye wala, Nisbet Road, Kashmiri Bazar, breakfast at Rang Mahal, Walking down the street, a misty morning in the old city and twilight in a crowded bazaar are all there for art lovers. Lights were focused in painting to cast shadows and define contours in a pleasant way.

The exhibition was attended by a large number of artists and art lovers. Many prominent art critics at the venue included Nilofer Sikander, Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan and Ghulam Mustafa. Punjab Minister Population Welfare Zakia Shah Nawaz attended the exhibition as chief guest. Punjab Minister Population Welfare, Zakia Shahnawaz, said that the Walled City with its fascinating buildings, narrow streets, old bazaars, and loving residents, who have lived there for generations, has impressed me the most. She said artist has captured the moments beautifully and showcased a positive image of Lahore city through his paintings. No restoration should be done because these places are our heritage and youth should know about it.

Artist Zulfiqar said that the culture of Lahore is a manifestation of the lifestyle, festivals, literature, cuisine and socio-economic conditions of its people. “I have been painting this theme for the past two years at various times. The exhibition is important for me because we have a rich culture but sadly most of us are not aware of it. I have used oil on canvas as medium,” he said. 

Art critic Quddus Mirza said that Zulfi’s previous painting, elements of nature and manmade survive is a perfect harmony. “Traces of historic structures from the old part of the Lahore, a receding sky, setting sun, fading outlines, feeling of breeze, make a perfect blend of art.”

“Thus the city through the work of artist is not merely an outside entity. It exists in one’s imagination, fantasy, memory and recollection all which turn visible intro desirable,” he said.


Faizan Javed