I would like to draw the attention of authorities of the government through this letter towards an injustice the retired employees of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have been made to face since long. 

The national airline gives its employees 32 percent of their total salary as pension but the formula, adopted in 2003, applies in the end and calculates the pension on their basic pays. This is not justice. 

As per rules, all other governmental organisations give their retired employees 50% of their salaries as pensions. This was also in practice at PIA till the end of 2003. Now, the management should resort to that practice. 

The retired employees have been demanding since long that the airline should either give them 50 percent pension on the basic pay or make the 32 percent pension to be given on their total salaries without the said formula. 

There was only a onetime increase in pensions in 2013. Also, the management should increase the pension of retired employees as per its circular No 21/2003 dated July 31, 2003. The circular clearly mentioned that ‘in future revision/suitable increase in pension shall be linked with salary revision of serving employees’. 

In July last year, the airline increased the salaries of its employees twice, October 2015 and January 2017, but no increase in pensions was made. The management should increase the pensions with the same ratio. It should be noted that the federal and provincial governments increase pensions around budget time. 

Recently, a delegation of retired employees of PIA met with the CEO of the airline who assured them of increase in pensions through an approval of the board of directors last month but this did not happen. 

Now, there is another board of directors’ meeting in February so it is requested to the management of the national airline to consider this issue of increase in pensions with the same ratio of retired employees and do the justice. 


Lahore, February 9.