I’m writing today to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking. Numerous people are being captive for slave labour, sex, drug trafficking and many other purposes. Human trafficking is a crime that is mostly done on young people, especially women and girls. It is the most heinous, violent, and horrific crime imaginable. Just think for a while; human beings, half of them are children, are trafficked from one country to another for the above mentioned purposes. The women and children are sold on the black market, forced into prostitution and made to work in miserable conditions. 80% of the trafficking involves sexual exploitation, 50%of the victims are under the age of 16, 80% of the victims are women, 20 to 30 million of in the world are working. My point is, “Open your eyes to human trafficking; you can make a difference and you can speak out”.


Lahore, February 3.