Other shortcomings aside, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) certainly has resolve – for better or worse. Despite the Supreme Court setting charges against Ishaq Dar, as well as the accountability court declaring him an absconder, PML-N not only nominated him as a Senator, but is now also challenging the ECP for rejection of his Senate election nomination papers.

If seen from PML-N’s perspective, the judiciary has not been kind to Nawaz Sharif or the party, with repeated suo moto cases against party members, while excusing or forgiving members of other parties. However, the party has to pick its battles. As it stands the battle for Ishaq Dar’s seat for the senate is not one worth fighting, either for the party or for Ishaq Dar himself.

For one, it is clear that the candidacy was intended to prove a point to the Supreme Court, the opposition and to the public, a point that PML-N needed to make to ensure its success, that PML-N was still the established party, and that it continues to back the innocence and integrity of its members. Aside from that symbolic gesture, there is nothing that can be gained from continuing to push Ishaq Dar’s nomination.

It is ammunition in the hands of the opposition more than anything else; an issue to berate the party with and further the narrative that paints the PML-N as a collection of corrupt individuals. After a crucial win in NA-154, the PML-N should be wary of turning the tide of political opinion against itself.

Moreover, the nomination is inconvenient for Ishaq Dar himself. He is in London for medical treatment, with no likely return date, and in this poor medical state, in a foreign country, with cases pending against him, he is in no set condition to assume duties as a senator. The parliament is already criticized for no-show parliamentarians, and the Senate should not be undermined in this manner.