Olympic organisers asked French downhillers to remove stickers they wanted to wear on their helmets in tribute to their late former teammate David Poisson, the France team said. "A few days ago during an equipment check the IOC inspector asked that we remove the message to the memory of David that the downhill racers were planning on wearing on their helmets," David Chastan, head of the French men's team, told AFP. "We accept the IOC ruling, we'll stick to it, we're not there to make a scene," said Chastan, adding that Poisson's death was "something we cannot forget just like that". The French racers had been allowed to wear a tricolor heart sticker in memory of Poisson on their helmets during World Cup events. Poisson, a 2013 world downhill bronze medallist, died at the age of 35 last November during a training run in Canada.