islamabad - The elected labour union of Capital Development Authority nominated 127 firefighters of the CDA Emergency and Disaster Management directorate as office-bearers of CBA committee, which could paralyse routine work at the important wing of the civic agency.

The nominated staffers will not be able to perform their official duties and the directorate will be suffering from shortage of workforce in the coming days, senior officials at the directorate feared.

The nominated firefighters are supposed to act as a link between the workers and the employer, assist in improvement of arrangements for physical working conditions and production work in the department for which they are elected as well as help workers in settlement of their problems either connected with work or with any individual grievance of a workman.

The CDA Labour Union (Amanullah Khan Group), being the Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) for CDA employees, nominated the firefighters as representatives of the CBA in the E&DM directorate of the CDA Fire Headquarter under clause 12 of its constitution as well as under section 23 (I) of the Industrial Relations Act, 2012 to represent on its behalf for redressal of the grievances of the workers.

A letter has been written by the general secretary of the union, Amanullah Khan, to Director E&DM, requesting the authorities to ‘cooperate’ with the nominated office-bearers of the CBA committee of the CDA Labour Union for redressal of problems of the employees working at the directorate. The committee has initially been constituted provisionally and shall be regularised on their performance.

The Amanullah Khan group succeeded in the referendum held on December 4, 2017 for election of the CBA. Aqeel Qadri has been nominated as chairman of the committee comprising several vice chairmen, general secretaries, joint secretaries, senior vice presidents and other office-bearers.

According to the officials at the E&DM directorate The Nation talked to on condition of not to be named, the directorate is already facing shortage of manpower and resources to perform day to day functions and attend the complaints.

The nomination of the office bearers for the committee in bulk from the directorate would affect field performance and rescue operations in case of emergency, the officials said.

Interestingly, the CDA Hospital has been exempted from union activities due to sensitive nature of its job, yet the other important organ of the civic agency that deals with emergencies and disasters is going to suffer due to nomination of over hundred of the staff members for active participation in the union activities.