LAHORE - International Naat Council’s Chairman Pir Syed Husnain Mehboob Gillani has arranged the Mehfil-Millade- Mustafa on 9th annual Urs of Pir Syed Mehboob ul Hassan Gillani.

The Melad will arrange near Dubai Chowk Kashmir Block Dunggi Ground, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore on 16th Feb Friday after Isha prayer.   

The prominent Naat Khwans of the country will participate in this Mehfil-e-Milad-Mustafa included Yousuf Memon, Shahbaz Qamar Afridi, Qari Shahid Mahmood, Shahzad Hanif Madni and Saghir Naqsh-bandi.  At the end of the Mehfil 11 Ummarah Tickts, Ghalaf-e-Kabbah and Jehez for 5 girls will distribute among the respected guests after draw.