LOS ANGELES-Billie Eilish was ‘’terrified’’ of performing at the Oscars.

The 18-year-old singer took to the stage at the Academy Awards earlier this month, and has said she found the performance nerve-wracking, despite usually being calm and collected before a show.

Speaking about the performance, she said: ‘’Yeah, I was sick for all of the Oscars, I bombed that performance, that was trash. The Oscars is not my people, like, you know what I mean, I’m not used to that. At least the Grammy’s wasn’t as scary because it was, like, artists and it felt like my people, it felt like, ‘Oh, look a bunch of artists’, and I knew a lot of them already and I’d met them and they knew of me. ‘’But, like, the Oscars, these are movie stars. It’s totally different, the show is so scary. And the thing is, like, I don’t normally get nervous, I don’t get nervous for shows or, like, any sort of performance but I was glad it was over.’’ And Billie will no doubt brush shoulders with movie stars again at the premiere of the upcoming James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’, as she has written and recorded the theme song for the film. The ‘Bad Guy’ hitmaker released the song - also titled ‘No Time To Die’, and said the process of recording the track was ‘’crazy’’.

She explained: ‘’You know what’s funny about it, like two years ago, we were like, ‘Wouldn’t it be crazy to make a song for the Bond movies, and wouldn’t that be dope’, and so, kind of for two years-ish, we’ve been subconsciously trying to [make it happen] in our own way.

‘’We’ve written songs that have never come out that are, like, ‘Oh, this sounds like Bond, like, this would be dope’, like, it would never happen, whatever. And then this offer came up and we were like, ‘Ahhhh!’ ‘’

To record the song, Billie had to get details on the plot of the movie - which will see Daniel Craig make his fifth and final outing as 007 - and said the process was ‘’more collaborative’’ than people might think.

Speaking about the song - which also features Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr - she added: ‘’They told us about the plot, they showed it to us and we wrote to it. This was actually really helpful to get a piece of the script and it was only the beginning part, like, you know how all the Bond movies start with, like, a scene - It was more collaborative than you’d think actually which I was surprised by because I thought it would just be like, here’s the song, and they take it and then I would have no say, but they really wanted to know what I think.