RAWALPINDI - An anti-terrorism court on Saturday issued arrest warrants for seven accused including two clerics for making a woman subject of Fatwa for obtaining divorce from a man and marrying another man as per Islamic laws ordering villagers for social boycott of lady and her family in Dhoke Ler of Talagang.

The arrest warrants was issued by Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Number 1 Special Judge Shaukat Kamal Dar in response to a petition filed by Suman Rehman through her counsels Malik Nadim Akram Awan and Muhammad Ahsan Haider Advocate.

The accused have been identified as Qari Muhammad Shafique, cleric/prayer leader at Mosque Faqeer Ghulam Habib, Jamil Ur Rehman Affa Ullah, Incharge Darul Fatah, Jamia Arabia, Izhar Ul Islam, Chakwal, Ashiq Hussain, Zawar Hussain, Zulfiqar, Muhammad Riaz, Ghulam Qadeer (ex-husband of woman) and Ghulam Qamar.

The counsels Malik Nadim and Ahsan Haider told the court that Suman Rehman obtained divorce from her husband Ghulam Qadeer through a court and contracted second marriage to another man as per Islamic laws.

On this, her ex-husband hatched a conspiracy and approached two clerics who made the woman subject of a fatwa ordering villagers for social boycott of the lady and her family in Dhoke Ler, Dakhli Thoha Mehram at Tehsil Talagang.

They added the act of woman had provoked the ire of ex-husband Qadeer who approached cleric/prayer leader Qari Muhammad Shafique.

The cleric made announcement on loudspeaker during Friday prayer ordering a social boycott against Ms Sumon,” they mentioned.

“Since Ms Suman got divorced through a court decree, we do not accept the orders (marriage dissolution decree of court).

All the Muslim should do social boycott of Sumon, her parents and in-laws immediately and also do not allow any of them to offer prayer in any mosque in the area. No one is allowed to offer Nimaz-e-Janaza (funeral procession) of her and her parents nor they are allowed to attend funeral procession of any Muslim,” they told court.

After completion of arguments of counsels, ATC No 1 Special Judge Shaukat Kamal Dar issued bailable arrest warrants for the accused and put off hearing till February 19, 2020.