PESHAWAR                         -               Chief Secretary Dr Ka­zim Niaz visited Khy­ber Teaching Hospital and inspected the ongo­ing Rs700 million reno­vation, repair, beautifica­tion and refurbishment project and 20 state of the art modular opera­tion theaters.

A detail presentation was given to him by LWI consultant and P&D de­partment MTI KTH. Sec­retary Health Muham­mad Yahya Akhunzada, Hospital Director Dr Mu­hammad Zafar Afridi and others were present on this occasion.

The chief secretary was briefed that 1,300-bed­ded KTH was built and made functional in 1976. Since then, lack of suffi­cient funds resulted in poor maintenance of the infrastructure and ser­vices (electricity, wa­ter supply, sewerage and sanitation system etc) that resulted in the dete­rioration of the building, quality of services and patient care.

Realising the facts the previous government of KP provided Rs700 million for the Renova­tion, Repair, Beautifica­tion and Refurbishment Project and Rs500 mil­lion extra for HVAC sys­tem (Heating Ventilation Air Condition System) replacement the old air conditioning system of the hospital.

Around 20 state-of-the-art modular opera­tion theatres were in fi­nal stage of completion. As a result of these mod­ular operation theatres, the surgical work load will be shared and the department of surgery will be further strength­ened and standardised.