LONDON             -              Enormous waves churned across the North Atlantic on Saturday as Britain braces for a second straight weekend of wild winter weather and flooding that’s already seen the army deployed to help out residents in northern England. Hurricane-force winds up to 80 knots (92 mph) and monster waves that could reach over 100 feet (30 meters) high were roaring across North Atlantic, the U.S. National Weather Service’s Ocean Prediction Center reported early Saturday. Heavy rain and strong winds are expected to hit Britain around lunchtime, mainly in the northern parts of England and southern Scotland, but all parts of the country could be affected. The fourth storm of the winter season, dubbed Dennis, is already causing widespread travel disruptions. Airlines have pre-emptively canceled hundreds of flights out of London and other U.K. airports and train lines have warned about possible delays and cancellations. Areas in northern England, which are still recovering from last week’s storm, face up to 4 1/2 inches (120 centimeters) of rain.