Senator Rehman Malik while welcoming the historic visit of the Secretory General UNO, António Guterres has stated as under:

The secretary-general is the “chief administrative officer” of the UN that is responsible to perform all the functions that may threaten the maintenance of international peace and security of the world, entrusted to him by the principal organs of United Nations.

The importance and the role of SG is becoming more important as well as difficult with growing international conflicts and Non-ending problems extremism, terrorism, money laundering and bilateral conflicts resulting into wars.

There are numerous conflicts, the world is encountering for last many decades which are posing major threat to peace and security of the region, like Palestine, Houthis insurgency in Yemen, Rohingyan Muslims in Myanmar, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Daesh, blocking nuclear war between North Korea and USA and cold war between China and USA. I, however, would like to draw the kind attention of His Excellency Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary General, UNO in his capacity as being the “world moderator”, to the most dangerous conflict in this region which can lead to nuclear war. Kashmir issue which lies with the UNSC since 1948.

Kashmir issue is one of those major issues that needs UN’s attention as it holds position of a backbone to Pakistan. Despite UN authorities being the supervisors of Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan, all the human right violations by India in IOK largely go unpunished by the UN. The world knows Indian Govt under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is moving fast towards its actual agenda on Kashmir of unleashing ethnic cleansing of Muslim majority in Kashmir; by mass murdering and settling the RSS trained families in Kashmir. According to Human Rights Report, since January 1989 till 31st January 2018, 94,644 innocent Kashmiris have been killed, 7, 099 have been killed in custody, 11,042 women were gang-raped and 7, 485 have been injured by pellets. Maximum number of above sufferings are during the premiership of Modi. However, the year 2018 has been deadliest in a decade with over 324 people killed. Despite the fact that the UNSC repeatedly passed the resolutions on the Kashmir dispute for its peaceful solution however the physical arrangements have not so far been seen. Both Indian and Pakistani governments acknowledged the UN resolutions but India never encouraged the environment for the peaceful conduct of the plebiscite.

The extremism is in full swing in India and particularly Muslims are the target of extremism of Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has recently announced Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registration of Citizen (NRC), which are discriminatory laws and against the interfaith harmony and UN Charter of human rights.

The special status of Kashmir has been scrapped in violation of the UNSC Resolution No.47, adopted on 21 April 1948, for giving a chance to the oppressed Kashmir for self-determination. The “Karachi Agreement” duly signed by the two parties in 1949 which was duly supervised/countersigned by the UN observers needs to be re-activated to stop cease-fire violations at the border by Indian Forces. It will also be in the interest of peace to stop further escalation between Indian and Pakistan. The Secretary General UNSC is requested to consider the deployment of United Nations observed on both sides of the border to keep the mandatory check on any violations on LOC.

Mr. Secretary General, May I to remind you and draw your kind attention to 198th day of inhuman curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir in sheer violation of the human rights charter and the crimes against humanity by Indian Troops under the directives of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is continuously killing innocent Muslims in Kashmir. I would like to request you kindly consider to constitute a highly power Inquiry Commission of UNO to enquire into the brutalities of Indian government in Kashmir in the interest of the greater cause of Humanity.