Removing the hurdles


ccording to World Health Organization (WHO), around 15pc of the global population suffers from some form of disability while around 2pc to 4pc live with serve and debilitating. In Pakistan, however, in 1998 census found that 2.38pc of population was living with disabilities. Balochistan and Sindh government have passed laws on the subject and KPK and Punjab have not.

However, the lawmakers must closely with activists to clear the picture of what barriers confront people living with disability.


Gulshan Abad.

Women’s rights

It is highly influenced being harassed for women’s as they are heartless or no feeling they have instead of females treated like they are enforced upon them as a torcher. In our society people need women as a working machine or she is a baby birth machine. Some of them think the women’s are just a sexual things.

We have to raise a voice against women’s rights in society so that women to be able to live is their own ways. To live freely it doesn’t mean this spreading obscenity is allowed. To know about respect of females we can read life of the holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) how he taught to respect women.

Pakistan is Muslim country by the law of Allah we are all responsible for subordinates. We are all connected with females in relations as mother sister or wives. So it is our responsibility to protect and help her to live a happy life.



Chinese on rampage

Five fingers not are a like nor everyone can be dealt with one stick. A Chinese and traffic police personnel clash transpired in Karachi. Traffic police personnel tried to stop Chinese national not to park his vehicle in non-parking area but the foreigner who is on visit visa to Pakistan derisively dealt with traffic police personnel and beaten him up badly.

Offenders regardless of their nationality should be dealt as per law and nobody should bypass rules and regulation set in our country. That Chinese has been arrested and remanded for two days and might face three years imprisonment.

Lets think over that why a foreigner misbehaved with police personnel as it is rightly said that one melon changes its colour while watching another melon. Every now and then locals are seen misbehaving with traffic personnel. On the other hand, traffic police personnel should act on do respect and be respected as they have made mind of masses that they stop their vehicles for their vested interest only. Rules and regulations are made to adhere them in letter and spirit and it is the first responsibility of locals to be role model to show foreigners that how we follow rules.



Plight of women

It refers to the difficult and unfortunate situation mostly in Pakistan, the position of women is not satisfactory, because the women needs lots of attention as a liability in our society. But the people should realise that if our country has been achiving her greatness so that is through contributions from both men and women.

In general, the dignity of women has not been properly sustaining in Pakistan. Eventually, a major section of the women folk are deprived of their due rights of property, proper nutrition, minimum education and freedom. Though women are the good parts of the progress of a country and without the help of the women country never gets any reforms. Due to the help of the women country can develop or bring many new changes. People must remember that men and women are the two wheels of a country social carrige. Consequentely, if both these wheels move roll rhythmically our society will move faster and gain better develop and prosperity.

What is must needed in our society is the basic change in our attitude towords women. And we should look upon them not as burden but assets. We all need to be united in this regard then we will have a prosperous future.