Pakistan Army contingent is deployed in DRC since 1960. A renewed commitment to peace keeping operations was made in year 2001 which witnessed a surge in Pakistani troops thus branding it one of the largest troops contributing country. The present COAS Gen Qamar Jawed Bajwa had led south Kiuv Brigade in DRC during 2007. Pakistan Army, owing to its high operational and peacekeeping operations (PKO) credibility was entrusted with most volatile area, Eastern Congo and the peacekeepers stood proudly by laying lives as a price of peace.



Pakistan has been participating in United Nation African Union Mission in Darfur since 2009 and so far 7 Infantry battalions, 10 Engineer Companies and 10 Field Hospitals have been in service there. Pakistani peacekeepers are dedicated in implementing UN mandate and serving the people of Darfur through providing humanitarian assistance and free medical camps, training hard in pursuit to achieve peace, guarding the area of responsibility. To keep its commitment of peace keeping, 877 men along with 17 lady officers are currently deployed in Darfur. It is to mention here that so far 17 men and 7 officers embraced martyrdom in the country.


Central African Republic:

UN Security Council adopted resolution 2149 in April 2014 through which the force was deployed in Central African Republic. Since then, Pakistan is the major troops contributing country. Presently, 1250 troops are grouped in an infantry battalion, Aviation Unit and 2 Engineering Companies. Female Engagement Team comprising 15 lady officers is also being deployed there. Since 1960, in its 46 missions, Pakistan sacrificed 157 lives with over 200,000 peacekeepers in 28 countries and is still standing firm for the peacekeeping mission of United Nations across the globe.