ISLAMABAD                  -             Prime Minister Imran Khan has given approv­al of reforms for civil servants and the noti­fication in this regard likely to be issued next week, The Nation has learnt it reliably.

According to the rec­ommendations of re­forms for civil servants of Pakistan, the per­formance of the every government servant would be reviewed af­ter 20 years of his/her service, and the officers would be promoted to higher grades or ranks based on their perfor­mance. The proposal aims to promote only qualified and compe­tent officers.

The government has announced to form an evaluation board comprising of senior secretaries and Fed­eral Public Service Commission (FPSC) chairman, which will decide the continua­tion of civil servants employment. So far 20 per cent officers fulfilling the eligibility criteria would be pro­moted to grade 20 and 21, while it has been mandatory for the government officer to served other than his province in or­der to get promotion in grade-21, accord­ing to new laws. The civil servant, who will serve over 10 years in one province, would not be promoted to upper grade, while for getting promo­tion in grade-19 and grade-20; one has to perform duties in hard areas. The officers be­long to Office Manage­ment Group would spend two spend two terms in Federal Secretariat. The offi­cers of grade-17 and grade-18 would learn the local language where they post fol­lowing Public Serving Initiative. Efficiency and discipline rules have also been set up under the civil service reforms. The inquiry officer conducting the irregularities will be obligated to submit a report in 60 days.

In case if he failed to submit a report or had submitted bogus re­port, the inquiry will be launched against him. All officers will be bound to declare their assets before promo­tion in next grades.

According to new law, 600 to 700 va­cant posts would be distributed among provinces aimed to fill these posts. And male and female offi­cer of grade-18 will be bounded to spend five and three years in oth­er province for pro­motion in grade-19.

The new laws re­garding civil servants promotion will be im­plemented in this year and pilot project in this regard in different nine ministries will also be implemented from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020 in first phase.