Ban Ki Moon, then United Nations Secretary General on 13 Aug 2013 acknowledged what Pakistan and its people have had been doing for international peace and security. “I sense great confidence and hope here today. But the feeling that overwhelms me is gratitude:  gratitude as the United Nations Secretary-General and gratitude as a global citizen for what Pakistan and her people have been doing for international peace and security. More than 100 countries contribute troops and police for United Nations peacekeeping missions.  Pakistan is number one.  It is impossible to speak about the history of United Nations peacekeeping without highlighting such contributions of Pakistan. I thank you very much”, he said.

Major General Thomas M. Montgomery, Deputy Commander United Nations Forces in Somalia in 1993 also acknowledged skill of the Pakistani soldiers who worked jointly in a rescue operation. “Many of the soldiers are alive today because of the willingness and skill of the Pakistani soldiers who worked jointly in a rescue operation. We are thankful to the people and army of Pakistan for sending such splendid soldiers to Somalia whom we feel proud to serve with. Pakistani soldiers have been completely dependable even in the most difficult circumstances. They have shouldered a huge and dangerous load of UNOSOM and the Somali people”, he said.

Paul Klein, Transitional Administrator United Nations in his appreciation for the Pakistani peacekeepers said: “I wish to reaffirm my gratitude and appreciation for the professionalism, the Pakistani contingent has displayed during stay in Eastern Slavonia. They are indeed performing great services to humanity.”

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Premier Chou-en-Lai while acknowledging the services of Pakistani personnel said: “The only example in UN history, when a UN Military Force had gone in, performed its role honestly and came out was Pakistan’s Military contigent in Indonesia (West Iran).”

Indonesian President Sukarno was not behind anyone else in acknowledging the services of Pakistan Army peacekeepers. “It was because of Pakistani troops that Indonesia and Pakistan came close together, they were Pakistan’s best ambassadors”, he acknowledged.

Lakhdar Brahimi, Algerian United Nations Diplomat while admiring the splendid work of Pakistani peacekeepers said: “It gives me great pleasure to express my warmest congratulation and sincere admiration for the splendid work the officers and men of Pakistani battalion have done.”