As a student of an academic organization that has mobilised its resources for the achievement of the SDGs 2030 and is a part of the universal call to action, I welcome the UN Secretary-General to Pakistan. I too, resolve to be a part of United Nation’s goals to further the cause of achieving the SDGs 2030, especially SDG 1 No Poverty in all forms and dimensions. We wholeheartedly acknowledge the contribution UN has made to peace and security, human righ ts, and sustainable human development in the world and our country in particular.


Haider Shah

Grade VIII, Roots Millennium  School, Pakistan.

On behalf of the youth of Pakistan, I cordially welcome the United Nations Secretary General Mr Antonio Guterres. We are surely in great awe with your presence in our country as it will leave indelible marks on the status of academics in our state. The U.N has diligently worked to provide plethora of facilities and opportunities for which we are profoundly grateful. I earnestly wish to work in UN and commit myself to making the world a better place and provide full support in attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Naimal Sheraz

Grade AS Level, Roots Millennium School, Pakistan.

As a representative of the youth in my country I welcome the esteemed UN Secretary-General to Pakistan. I greatly appreciate the UN actions in promoting harmony and equality in my country and for providing resources to fight against climate change SDG 13 as this colossal problem has the potential to impair the Earth and humanity. Further I hope that UN and the Government of Pakistan will be able to come to terms on key issues to foster peace and tranquility in this volatile region: the Indian Subcontinent.

Zaurayz Kashan Shah

AS Level,

Roots Millennium School, Pakistan.

As a young citizen from Pakistan, I welcome the United Nation’s Secretary General to my country Pakistan. I greatly regard the efforts made by U.N in combatting climate change as a way to protect and promote peace throughout the world. As a promoter of peace, I wish to work for the United Nations and contribute towards issues ranging from public health to environmental sustainability, from promoting human rights to expanding educational opportunities.

Jenna Shahzeb,

Grade IV,

Roots Millennium  School, Pakistan.

As a young learner from Pakistan, and being a beneficiary of quality education at my school, I welcome the UN Secretary General to Pakistan and pledge and promise my commitment as a budding citizen to Sustainable Development Goals SDGs 2030, in particular SDG 4 for universalisation of quality education; thus to commit my learning in support of inclusive education for 22million out of school children across marginalised communities in Pakistan.

Aahil Mushtaq

Grade 6,

Roots Millennium School, Pakistan