This is with reference to Punjab Chief Minister's letter addressing the nation on the issue of wedding celebrations, published in all significant newspapers this Sunday. The CM has provided food for thought by expressing his views regarding wedding extravaganzas. Seeking opinion of the people before formulating any policy is a step in the right direction. Taking this opportunity, I'd like to draw the CM's attention towards some hitherto unconsidered aspects of the issue due to which CM's Task Force has formulated the present one-dish policy. It is against the federal sprit of our constitution to put restriction on people in one part of country while not imposing the same on people from another. These days, the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad present a strange sight. Pindiites are holding their marriage ceremonies in Islamabad where luxurious weddings have been expanded to almost week long celebrations with lavish banquets being hosted in the name of brothers, sisters and uncles of the groom and bride. True, expensive wedding functions have become a burden on some; but there is always another side to an issue too, which in this case, are the filthy rich who can afford to flaunt in just about the way they please. There are, then, the overseas Pakistanis who come to their motherland only to marry off their children. Isn't this the right of a person who has worked like donkey his whole life in another country to fulfill the dream of hosting all his near and dear for a decent banquet on the wedding of his daughter/son? Another point to be noted is that the implementation of one-dish policy is extremely strict in the cities (for the poor at least) but if you move out of a big city a mere twenty kilometers or so into the rural areas, the writ of government is being openly challenged on the issue. Our feudal lords of the countryside, just like the industrialists in the city, have special exemption from the law. -MIAN WARYYAM ALI, Lahore, via e-mail, January 14.