ISLAMABAD (Online) - President Asif Ali Zardari has warned India against irresponsible behaviour, saying the situation would more aggravate if India did not mend its mind. While talking to US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W Patterson here on Thursday, the President said that despite flexible behaviour of Pakistan, statements being made by Indian authorities especially the remarks of Indian Army Chief that all options were open against Pakistan were unfortunate, sources said. It is merit mentioning here that it was the third meeting between President Asif Ali Zardari and US Ambassador to Pakistan during one week. Host of issues with regard to security situation, war against terrorism, tense situation between Pakistan and India, investigation of Mumbai carnage, upcoming visit of President Zardari to US to attend oath taking ceremony of US President-elect Barack Obama were disused during the meeting. The President also asked international community to determine who is defusing tension or who is escalating tension in the region. Pakistan continues to make every effort to defuse tension in South Asia and has repeatedly stated that it is prepared to extend its cooperation to the Indian government concerning the Mumbai attack, he said. India continues to escalate tension, which is certainly not helpful to the cause of peace, security and stability of the region and would further aggravate the situation, the President warned. Pakistan, he said, is sincerely reviewing on the evidences provided by India with regard to Mumbai attack but made it clear no Pakistani would be handed over to India for investigation if found guilty in Mumbai mayhem. Action would be taken in Pakistani court in accordance with country's law, the President maintained. India has not given any evidence on Mumbai attacks but just information, he said while urging India to also give positive response to Pakistani offer. Ms Peterson said Pakistan is vital country of the region whose importance cannot be neglected. She admitted that Pakistan is demonstrating responsible behaviour after Mumbai attacks, sources said.