Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher, said the justification for having a state was an assurance of security of life for its citizens. If a state fails in this primary mission, it is not a state but just a loose association of people. Unfortunately after 62years, Pakistani state is unable to fulfill the very purpose of its existence. Of late the CCPO of Lahore has shocked the whole nation by brazenly saying that the people have the right to kill a dacoit who breaks into their house. This statement is tantamount to sanctioning law of the jungle in this country. In other words the state has abandoned its function of maintaining law and order. Our forefathers did not sacrifice their lives for attaining this kind of Pakistan. It is time for some soul-searching. We have to adopt a progressive line for development in this country otherwise our next generations will confront an uncertain situation. -RIZWAN ASGHAR CHAUDHRY, Lahore, via e-mail, January 6.