The 9/11 attacks were engineered to launch an attack on Afghanistan. And Saddam was actually lured into occupying Kuwait, a trap which led to first Gulf War. Then the hoax of WMDs resulted in the slaughter of a Iraqis in hundreds of thousands. The attack on the Indian parliament eight year ago was also stage-managed to create an opportunity for amassing troops on the Pakistan border for over 10 months. The November 26 attacks are also believed to be another hoax staged to teach Pakistan a lesson. In Middle East, though, Israel is so brazen that it does not even feels the need to make a case against unarmed Palestinians. And look at the temerity of its patrons like US, UK etc that they support it anyway. Right now, they are justifying the Israeli attack as a 'reprisal'. Reprisal for what? In this conflict, the people of Gaza are unarmed having nothing except slingshots, sticks and bricks. Tel Aviv's message to New Delhi is clear. When you have to act, you need no reason. Set aside all norms of ethics, disregard the international law, care two hoots for world pressure, go to war whenever you want. But India should be forewarned that Pakistan is not Palestine. It has far deadlier weapons in its arsenal than the slingshots Palestinians have. -HINA ABID, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, January 6.