PRIME Minister Gilani seems to finally be realising the negative blowback of the US policies and behaviour towards Pakistan - ranging from the drone attacks to the screening of Pakistani citizens entering the US and a host of offensive policies in-between. That is why he came out strongly against these policies and stated in no uncertain terms that Pakistan was not interested in aid at the cost of its dignity and sovereignty; and, in any case, it was trade not aid that was being sought. The Prime Minister also declared that no official delegation from Pakistan should visit the US until the country was removed from the special screening list. Another first from this leadership was Gilanis condemnation of the discriminatory manner in which the US gave India all manner of weapons technology and trade facilities, while for Pakistan the do more mantra was constantly being put forward. The Prime Ministers speech in parliament followed from his chairing of the NCA meeting on Wednesday where again a strong nationalist position was taken on critical nuclear issues. Alongside the new national awakening of the Prime Minister, in terms of the damaging US policies, has been the strong position taken on the drone attacks and overall US policy towards Pakistan taken by the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, headed by PPPs old guard Raza Rabbani. This Committee has demanded the government review its US policy; and, in relation to drone attacks and US private security companies, effectively acting as US mercenary forces, it has also put forward strong recommendations. While the Parliamentarians and Prime Minister have been condemning the drone attacks, a powerful US Senator, Carl Levin, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee has, after a visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan, stated that privately Pakistans leaders are backing the drone attacks. It is time for the government to come clean on its drone policy because so far it has little credibility in terms of its public condemnations of the drone attacks on Pakistani soil - especially since the drones allegedly still seem be flying out from Bandari airbase in Balochistan while being controlled from the US. So, while the Prime Ministers new declaratory statements on the US are to be welcomed, his government needs to operationalise these words into actions, beginning with the halting of delegations to the US, while also asking US officials to stop visiting Pakistan for a while till issues are sorted out clearly. He also needs to put a halt to the drone attacks, by use of the PAF if necessary, so that there is no ambiguity in the message conveyed to the Americans. As the Prime Minister has finally realised, the US cannot win in Afghanistan without Pakistans support. It is time we demanded the right price for this support - rather than continuing to sell ourselves short.