The sick mindset of our civil and uniformed bureaucracy which still lives in the pre-colonial days in secluded islands of prosperity surrounded by a sea of miserable people living in abject poverty makes them think they are not quite the servants of the state. They consider it their privilege to plunder state lands or indulge in looting and abusing other assets. The only comfort that citizens can hope to get is from judiciary and the restoration of an independent judiciary is such a blessing that we can finally hope for rule of law in this country. Of course, there have been some disappointments too. When icons of the judiciary movement like Aitzaz Ahsan, who had promised that state shall be like a loving mother, start defending robbers of the Punjab Bank, it pains us. Still, one looks towards the judiciary to provide justice. The list of beneficiaries of the LPG scandal includes names of many generals or their families, perennial members of the elite club that is forever on the look out to fleece the citizens for windfall profits. Is it not a fact that the price of LPG, which is the sole source of energy for those living in desolate, under-developed areas where gas cannot be supplied, has shot up by more than 400% in the last three years? Is the state not responsible for regulating prices of energy, especially as the LPG is manufactured and marketed by the state-owned companies? The peoples patience is running out and they blame the army, politicians and bureaucracy et al for all their problems. -IMRAN NAZEER, Rawalpindi, January 13.