According to various media sources, the Blackwater (now called Xe Worldwide Services) is in the running for a Pentagon contract to train the police force in Afghanistan. The contract for training of the Afghan national police is expected to be awarded soon and Xe is among the five companies eligible to compete. This despite the fact that it is no more a secret that the private mercenary firm has been guilty of killing many innocent Iraqis. The media accuses Xe of covert assassinations, manslaughter, lawlessness and grave human rights violations in Iraq. Recently in Afghanistan, two former Blackwater contractors were arrested on charges of murder for shootings two Afghans in a traffic spat last year. All of this, though, has not dimmed the companys prospects in Afghanistan. The presence of this international 'terrorist organization in Pakistan, as well as in a country that shares such a long border with us, is a matter of grave concern for Pakistanis with reference to our national security. America always claims herself to be the international custodian of human rights. But its policies in the war on terror do not support that claim. The dual standards and unjust policies of America towards the Muslim world may result in an increase in anti-American feelings all over. If that happens, the 'Clash of Civilizations would be a realistic possibility. -UMER QURESHI, Abbottabad, January 13.