LAHORE Furious Pakistan captain Mohammad Yousuf branded his opening batsman Salman Butt selfish and lazy after being run out by the youngster in a diabolical session for the visitors on Friday. According to Australian newspaper The Age, Yousufs said: We are not playing for self, were playing for country, Yousuf said. If Im 35 years old and I get three runs, he is 25 years old, why not he take runs? Me and him are the same, 140 overs [of] fielding. We play for country here, not for self. Yousuf, running to the danger end, was attempting a third run off Doug Bollinger in the 29th over of Pakistans innings but Butt was stationary at the bowlers end. More than halfway down the pitch the skipper had to turn on his heels and scamper back. Mitchell Johnsons throw reached wicketkeeper Brad Haddin in good time and Yousuf was caught well short, leading to a lengthy, ice-cold glare down the wicket at his batting partner. I just stopped there, [didnt] say anything, just very sad because hes just 25 years old and he cant run, Yousuf said. That why Im just standing there. I dont think the first run-out with me and Butt was panic, it was an easy three runs. If somebody is not coming out of the box, what can I do, what can any batsman do? You must come out, or shouting when he dont want to come out, shouting. Butt was then involved in the run-out of hard-hitting youngster Umar Akmal moments later. Akmal ran for a single but bowler Nathan Hauritz got in Butts way and he sent the 19-year-old back, although not in time as Michael Husseys throw led to Haddin whipping off the bails in delight again. Yousuf said it was difficult to blame Butt for that run-out but was scathing in his assessment of the opener. Im not sure on this run because when I saw the replay Hauritz [was] in front of him, Yousuf said. But he is a little lazy runner, everybody knows. Yousuf did not speak to Butt as he came off the field with 34 not out at stumps. Hes coming back, its not good to talk to him straight away, I give him time because he is still playing, Yousuf said. Australian skipper Ricky Ponting said the run-outs were a clear sign of pressure engulfing the tourists. Run-outs like that are never good signs around a team, Ponting said. Ive seen it a lot in Test cricket, it breeds apprehension that continues to go on throughout the innings and sometimes throughout games. But Yousuf said he had not lost hope in his team despite their dismal run. One thing I tell you, over the years past, many teams come here from Pakistan, nobody performs like this, what we did here, he said. Obviously we lost the series, but we at least [were] near winning, everybody knows. I appreciate my team, because they are trying [and giving] whatever they have. Theyre trying to deliver. Im happy with my teams performance. We have won just game here in 1996, many teams have lost here, even not close to what we did in Sydney. Were trying to build combinations, it will take time.