ISLAMABAD Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) is contemplating to move the Supreme Court against the government that has weakened competition law in a bizarre manner through a corrigenda rather than an amendment. According to well-placed sources, the commission was even denied the copy of the Gazette of Pakistan rather than officially providing it to the most affected party of the so-called corrigenda. According to reports, the government has changed the entire strength of the law by changing the word 'Supreme to 'High in the Section 42 of the competition ordinance. The sources while elaborating this change in the law said, Now the parties affected by the commissions decisions would be allowed to appeal before the High Court in stead of the Supreme Court. The commissions high-ups believe that the government has favoured the parties affected by the decisions of the CCP especially sugar, cement and other cartels. Changing the court of appeal from Supreme Court to High Court would facilitate the exploitative cartels in form of lengthy litigation process, the sources added. According to the sources, the commission believes that this change could not be done without legislative process of amendment even for an ordinance. The government has done so while kowtowing to powerful mafias, the sources said adding, this is the greatest victory of the vested interest. The sources believe that reducing the level of the court of appeal against the decision of the commission would minimize the efficacy of the CCP. The lengthy process of law now would go in favour of the exploitative cartels be they in the sugar or the cement sectors, the sources added. Consequent upon notification of this change in the competition law, the sugar manufacturers have already gone to the both Lahore and the Sindh High Courts to seek stay orders against the Commissions decisions, the sources said.