LONDON US State Department Friday released new age-enhanced images depicting how al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden might look now without his trademark long beard. These digitally enhanced pictures show the worlds most wanted terrorist with a different grooming and clothing, which he may have adopted in a bid to evade capture. They also show him with more lined features and lacking the long beard. The images were released by the State Department and the FBI as they renew their efforts to bring bin Osama to justice. He is one of 18 wanted terrorist suspects listed on the State Departments Rewards for Justice website. The programme offers huge rewards for information leading to the capture and conviction of some of the masterminds behind international terror attacks. Using sophisticated digital enhancement techniques, forensic artists at the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Virginia have age-progressed old photos of the 18 most wanted terrorist suspects. It is our hope that these digitally enhanced images will help someone recognise these terrorist suspects and then contact the Rewards for Justice programme with information that leads to their apprehension, said Robert Eckert, assistant director for Diplomatic Securitys Threat Information and Analysis Directorate, which oversees the Rewards for Justice programme. These new images are powerful examples of how advancement in technology and science can be used to help find and bring to justice wanted persons, said Louis E Grever, executive assistant director for the FBIs Science and Technology Branch. The FBI has and will continue to apply cutting-edge forensic, biometric and technical capabilities to our most challenging cases. Together with our many partners, both here and abroad, we now call on the public to help us locate and take into custody those who threaten us, he added. Since its inception in 1984, the Rewards for Justice Programme has paid more than 50 million to people who have provided credible information that has resulted in the capture, prosecution, death of terrorists or has prevented acts of international terror.