KARACHI - Two ships carrying 65,000 MTs of furnace oil each are reaching Pakistani coasts within next 3 to 5 days, which will further improve countrys furnace oil stocks, The Nation has learnt. It has been learnt that the current situation of the stocks of different POL products in the country are diesel for 23 days, petrol 18 for days and furnace oil for 15 days. Such situation has already made Pakistan State Oil (PSO) to constrain supply of furnace oil to independent power producers (IPPs) in order to maintain its stocks due to shortage of funds. It has earlier been reported that due to outstanding receivable amount which accrued to Rs 77 billion amid heavy demand of imports for furnace oil for power generating companies, Pakistan State Oil has taken the said decision. It was also reported that Pakistan State Oil has deferred its fuel oil imports of some 0.275 million metric tonnes from January to February because lack of funds despite the FO demands are higher to run independent power producers in the country. However, imports of furnace oil, both High Speed and Low Speed, recorded growth of 22.18 percent in the closing half of the current fiscal year, as Oil Marketing Companies have imported 2.654 million metric tonnes of furnace oil in July to December 2009 as compared to 2.17 million metric tonnes during the same months of previous year. On the other hand, Pakistan State Oil official spokesperson said that these stocks are ample for the country, and with supply chain, adequately intact for future product supplies, there is no danger of any fuel shortage in the country.