LAHORE - PML-N leader and Provincial Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah has pointed out serious security threats to the President in Governors House, as according to him, over 200 jialas, including women entered the venue breaking all the barriers on Thursday. He said this while addressing a Press conference here Friday. Referring to security agency reports, he said that jialas, turning deaf ear to the calls by the security persons to abide by security measures and scaled the gates of the Governors House and went inside. He said the security men did not use force against them as Jialas were charged up to create situation with serious implications. President Zardari had come to the City as Party Co-Chairman outshining his constitutional post, which had tempted the jialas to go near him, the minister opined. However, he criticised the attitude of jailas and said what they had done outside the Governors House was not without serious security risks to the President as anyone or a suicide bomber posing as a jiala could have sneaked in. He said this was happening because Asif Ali Zardaris visit to the City was in capacity of PPP Co-Chairman rather than as President for which no proper information had been given to the chief ministers office. He showed a letter to media persons, which was faxed by the Secretary to the President on January 12, informing only Chief Secretary and Inspector General of Punjab Police about the visit of President Zardari. According to him, the President House should have faxed the message to secretary to the chief minister as a matter of formal intimation to the Punjab government and to the chief minister about the arrival. He said schedule of activity of the President in the City also did not carry interaction with the Punjab government, which showed the visit was purely party based. He said they had no objection to what the Governor and jialas were doing in the Governors House on that day but the matter of concerned was that such practices must not put the security of the president at risk, as any harm to him could be harmful to the whole country. The law minister said he would request the prime minister and the speaker national assembly to convince Mr Zardari to give up Party office as the blend of the two offices in him was causing confusion that which of his two of his offices should be held in priority and measures should be taken accordingly. He said presidential office was a constitutional one symbolising the federation hence it was totally otherwise of the party office in character. Later responding to the questions, the minister ruled out any misunderstanding with coalition partner in Punjab over Zardari visit. He said chief minister Punjabs visit to Turkey was pre-fixed for January 9 which, he added, could have been re-arranged to accord proper protocol to the President, had information been given to the CM in time.