KARACHI - In todays media environment, there is a need to create more pro people space in media and children which are a major chunk of population. They need special attention of media as they are being put in a large number into hazardous and the worst forms of child labour, said journalists from print, electronic and online media from Karachi and Hyderabad here on Friday. They pledged to work for the cause of the working children pledging to fight against the menace of the worst forms of child labour through their respective media work. They were speaking at a meeting held in Karachi on Friday to form Karachi and Hyderabad Chapters of 'Media Coalition Against Worst Form of Child Labour organised by 'Journalists for Democracy and Human Rights (JDHR) in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation and the Federal Ministry of Information. Representatives from ILO, Federal Ministry of Information, Roshni Helpline for Children and Employers Federation of Pakistan also shared their perspective on child labour and offered their full cooperation to media professionals in exposing the hazardous impacts of child labour on children and Pakistani society. Saud Alam from Employers Federation, Zaheer Arif from ILO/Ministry of Information, Shahid Shah, Adeel Pathan and Shafqat Munir from JDHR, Muhammad Ali from Roshni Helpline took active part in the discussion. The Media Coalitions Karachi chapter elected Aroosa Masroor as its convenor and Zulfiqar Rajpar as deputy convenor, and a committee comprising seven members, Hyderabad Chapter elected Adeel Pathan as convenor, Saba Channa as deputy convenor with a seven members committee. The Media Coalition will work to develop network with journalists and help them write stories or produce television and radio reports on child labour issues. The Coalition also adopted an eight-point framework to undertake its coalition and network building activities. The Media Coalitions framework calls for identifying gaps in capacity of media for development and implementation of effective advocacy on worst forms of child labour and to network and connect with the fellow journalists through email group on Google groups, 'Media Coalition against Child Labour. They agreed to build a community of socially responsible journalists committed to the cause of the working children as their protectors and to promote media activism to combat the worst form of child labour in Pakistan. They expressed their commitment to transform skills and knowledge on in-depth studies on child labour issues into practice and further sharing of information among other members of the Media Coalition against worst form of child labour. They can share story ideas and published or broadcast material exposing the hazardous and worst form of child labour in various sectors in the country among group members. On this occasion Journalists for Democracy and Human Rights (JDHR) announced to confer awards on journalists for their fantastic stories and images (including documentaries and TV reports) on child labour issues. The Employer Federation of Pakistan had also announced award for best media products exposing the hazardous and worst forms of child labour in various sectors.