ISLAMABAD Expressing grave concern over the complete indifference of the Federal Cabinet members towards the National Assembly proceedings, Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) MNA, Marvi Memon, has said that quite important questions are left unattended due to absence of the federal ministers and all this is detrimental to parliamentary system. Talking to TheNation, Marvi Memon said that a number of serious matters could not be addressed properly as Federal Minister for Finance Shaukat Tarin, his State Minister and Parliamentary Secretary on Finance were all absent and Federal Minister for Labour and Manpower Syed Khurshid Shah tried to respond to these questions in their absence. She said when she tried to express her concern over this indifference of cabinet members towards NA proceedings, she was not allowed by the Chair to speak. Marvi said that it was interesting to note that even the Finance Ministry was not bothered to give the written reply to some of the very important questions including the quantum of price hike of food items in the recent past but no heed was paid to this very important national issue. The mover of the question Ms Shereen Arshid of PML(N) was also not allowed by the Chair to record her protest over not taking up of her question concerning the poor. Marvi said that the question she moved was cross-party question with signatures of MPs belonging to PML(N), PML(Q) and MQM and it should have been given priority but to her utter disappointment, there was no written reply to the question even. When asked about the question she had submitted with the National Assembly Secretariat, she said that she wanted to know from the Federal Finance Minister that in case of delay in provision of pledged aid and funds to Pakistan from FODP states, whether or not the Government would impose more taxes on people. She said that similarly some other important issues like the water dispute with India could not be taken up due to absence of Federal Minister for Water and Power. She also raised concern over the unsatisfactory response of Syed Khurshid Shah to a question on Afghan Transit Trade. Though he had termed it a security issue, yet he did not explain how the Federal Cabinet had given approval to it when it was security hazard to the state. She said that she had moved an adjournment motion on the issue some six months back, but it could not be taken up for debate and added that on Monday she would be again submitting another adjournment motion on it. She said now when Syed Khurshid Shah had supported their point of view and termed it a matter related to the countrys security, they would definitely be taking up this issue on the floor of the National Assembly as to how the Federal Cabinet had overlooked the serious security concerns and permitted the Afghan Transit Trade.