Everyone desires to live in peace but with honour and dignity. The need for peace between India and Pakistan cannot be emphasized enough as it is an essential requirement for peace in the entire South Asian region. The latest move in this regard has come at the level of the private sector, by the two leading newspaper groups of Pakistan and India. They recently declared to have joined hands for peace between the peoples of the two countries. The Pakistani media group, which also owns a number of television channels, appears more enthusiastic of the two in this regard. Its various channels are doing a 'lot of good work to promote and project the Indian culture in every possible manner. A durable peace, though, cannot be had by merely breaking into songs of peace. Peace would come only after the Kashmir issue is resolved according the UN Resolutions that were adopted more than five decades back. The joint movers of the peace initiative have perhaps overlooked the fact that India has a very poor record of honouring its international commitments and has even brushed aside the duly written and signed agreements when and as the need arose. A Pakistani patriot like me cannot help but point out that this present campaign for peace has been launched just when the Indian Army Chief has threatened to take on both China and Pakistan together in a war. It is also a matter of record that while the Pakistan Foreign Office has wished the movers all the best, the Indian government and its Foreign Ministry have preferred to maintain a mysterious silence. Moving forward towards peace is surely desirable but it needs two hands to clap. -MASROOR AHMAD, Lahore, January 14.