KARACHI The Pakistan Hockey Federation has taken a bold step to field a team of promising youngsters instead of failed seniors in the coming Dhaka SA Games to retain the gold that Pakistan had won in the previous Games in Colombo. Thus while selecting the 18-memebr team for Dhaka the PHF decided to breakaway from the old practice of selecting players who had failed to deliver in the past and decided to pick youngsters full of potential for Dhaka where Pakistans main challengers will be India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and host Bangladesh. The new office-bearers of the PHF who recently got the vote of confidence for full four-year term, decided to discard the old policy of shuffling and shifting players from senior to junior or to second national elevens or the other way round, and adopt a new bold approach in which youth and potential are main aspects of selection. Under the new policy, the PHF headed by Qasim Zia, has decided to go for younger players than sticking to selecting those who have been discarded from the senior and junior team selection. Former Olympian Ikhlaq Ahmed who has been named manager and chief coach of Dhaka bound hockey team told TheNation here on Friday that his team includes fresh new talent with fine potential. He said as there was no age limit on the selection of national team for the Games, the PHF could have easily picked players discarded by senior and junior teams, but it decided that fresher talent and not the failed talent was needed for the future of Pakistan hockey. The PHF under the policy had decided that Dhaka Games and other international competitions would be treated as an opportunity to groom youngsters for main international events. The selected team for Dhaka, he said, would also be fielded in Asian Championship to be played in Bangkok, in Azlan Shah Hockey and a four-nation competition which will be held in China later this year. The stress of the PHF policy in fielding younger teams in second level events was to ensure that freshly found talent was given full opportunity to bloom and prove its potential. India, he said, was certain to bring an Indian White team which will be comprised of some senior and junior players who have failed to get selection in top teams. But it should not worry Pakistanis who should win because they had an opportunity to prove their worth and class, he said. This new policy, he said, was aimed at building a strong pool of talented youths who could be called for national duty at a short notice. Previously the PHF had followed the policy of winning each and every competition either at home or abroad irrespective of its importance in order to give the impression that PHF was doing a fine job. However this policy had failed. The shifting and shuffling of senior and junior players from one team to another had not yielded results as desired. It only stagnated the growth of new talent because a player or a host of players kept on rotating in one team or the other. Pakistan hockey suffered due to this policy which has now been thrown away and new policy concentrating on younger and fresher talent has been put in place. Pakistan hockey team along with the main national contingent to the Games is expected to leave here some time at the end of the month for Dhaka which is hosting the games for third time. In the last SAF Games hockey competition Pakistan lost to their major rival India in the league round but won the final 2-1 against its arch sports hockey rival. Pakistans 18 for Dhaka are: Goal keepers: Khurram Majeed, Imran Butt ( Sajid Ali substitute) Full-backs: M.Khalid, Wasif Siddique, Aamwr Shah (M.Ehsan and Fahad substitute). Half-backs: Kashif Javed, Zeeshan Ali (vice captain), Sibtain Raza (Captain), Abdul Ghaffar, Tasawwar Abbas, Saleem Nazim, Mohsin Bilal (Waqar Butt, M.Said, and substitute). Forwards: Waqas Akber, Muhammad Waqas, Zubair Ahmed, Naghman, A Khaliq, Abdul Qayyum Dogar (Ejaz substitute). Pakistan will play Bangladesh on January 30 and Nepal on January 31, Sri Lanka on February 3 and India on February 4 in the league round. February 5 and 6 will be rest days. Final will be played on February 7.