LAHORE (APP) - President Asif Ali Zardari Friday said the textile sector has vast potential to earn valuable foreign exchange and vastly improve Pakistans balance of payment position. The President was talking to a delegation of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) here at the Governors House on the third day of his visit to the provincial metropolis. President Zardari called for holding a special national seminar to examine the problems of the textile sector and to identify measures to exploit full potential of this vital sector of the national economy. Spokesperson to the President former Senator Farhatullah Babar said the President pointed that the task forces comprising experts and government functionaries should also be set up in other areas of industry to identify their peculiar problems and suggest ways and means to address them. He said private-public partnership could prove very beneficial for the sector and added that in view of the policy of trade and not aid, a tuned-up textile sector could play a vital role and serve as an engine of growth and employment. President Zardari said that availability of power at reasonable cost was critical for the development of industry in the country. He said that the government had embarked upon a crash program of power generation by upgrading the existing power houses and also by setting up rental power stations. He said that he had been emphasizing assistance in energy sector as part of Pak-US partnership and informed the delegation that the US State Department had approved 125 million dollars for the up gradation of Tarbela hydel power station as part of the plan to augment Pakistans energy sector. He said the government would provide a congenial environment for investment and lay down policies that encouraged investment but innovative ideas and investment had to come from private entrepreneurs. He said out-of-box solutions needed to be explored to address the problems adversely affecting different areas of trade and industry. The President said that during his recent visits the Chinese offered assistance in developing hybrid seeds of cotton, wheat and rice in different areas of Pakistan. He said experiments were already underway and if successful the cotton production would increase manifold. The President said this would open up new opportunities to both the growers and textile manufacturers. The President urged APTMA to explore new technologies that would add great value to their manufactures. He said that the availability of low cost labour and new technologies could play wonders for the countrys textile sector. The 35-member APTMA delegations that attended the meeting was led by Chairman Anwar Ahmad Tata and included Gohar Ejaz Chairman Punjab, Mian Javed Iqbal, Seth Muhammad Akbar and others. Meanwhile, President Asif Ali Zardari said the civil and military leadership had harmonized perspectives on issues of national security and were working together to create congenial environment for sustained economic growth. He was addressing separate meetings of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry Lahore and Sialkot here at the Governors House Lahore on the third day of his visit to the provincial capital. President Zardari said the government was committed to banish militancy for good and restore law and order throughout the country. Spokesperson to the President former Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the President also paid tributes to the armed forces and the civil law enforcing agencies for confronting the terrorists with courage and conviction and were forcing them to retreat and regaining the space for investment and development. Paying tributes to countrys armed forces the President said the military personnel and civilian law enforcing agencies had made huge sacrifices for fighting militancy and in creating a congenial atmosphere for investment and development. The nation was proud of their achievements in this unconventional war which, the President said, was being fought with the full support and backing of the people. The President said that it was a lesson of history that wars are won by peoples and nations when they stand solidly with their armed forces as was being witnessed in the country. This harmony is evident by the honors showered on our Shaheeds and their families both by the nation and armed forces alike. He said it is also evident from the way the civil and military leaders have harmonized their perspectives on issues of national security in the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Farhatullah Babar quoted the President as saying. It is a result of the heroism of our valiant defence forces backed by the sacrifices of the people that the militants had been driven out from Swat and Malakand and contained in South Waziristan Agency, he said. The President also elaborated upon the governments policy framework for economic rejuvenation and said the tripod of economic strategy rested on private-public partnership; switch over to bio- fuel and optimal utilization of scarce water resources along with new hybrid seeds for increasing agricultural produce by an order of magnitude. The President urged the businessmen and entrepreneurs to make use of the space regained and the investment policies adopted by the government for accelerating the economic and industrial growth.