ISLAMABAD Former Attorney General Malik Muhammad Qayyum, Friday, requested the Supreme Court to review its decision of directing the government to take action against him for abolishing Swiss cases against President Asif Ali Zardari under National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). Former Attorney General prayed the court that observations and orders passed against him in the short order (dated December 16) in NRO case be reviewed. Senior lawyer, Wasim Sajjad moved the petition in the apex court here on Friday. In his review petition Malik Qayyum contended that the order of December 16, 2009 had in fact condemned him without giving him an opportunity to defend himself. It is well-established on record that I clearly acted with authority and instructions under directions of the federal government, Supreme Court and the Sindh High Court (SHC), he further said. He said that the government was on record before SHC in its order of September 16, 2009 having stated that the Swiss cases were withdrawn on the request of the government of Pakistan. Malik further submitted in his 37-page application that no party including the then President or the federal government had at any juncture denied or declared that he was not acting on instructions. All the acts, letters and his appearances were in public knowledge, widely reported and particularly within the knowledge of the federation of Pakistan and at no juncture had his authority to act or the acts taken by him been denied now more than a year and a half, he explained. Former Attorney General further contended that the federal government to date had not stated that he acted without authority. He further stated that even the NAB (notwithstanding the fact that it itself had issued letters for withdrawal of Swiss proceedings) stated before this court that only Attorney General could have withdrawn the Swiss proceedings as the same had been initiated through his office. It is also pertinent to mention here the apex court in its landmark judgment on December 16, 2009 had declared the NRO void ab-initio and directed the government to take action against Malik Qayyum for the role he played in withdrawing the Swiss cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. The court had ruled that Malik Qayyum, the then Attorney General was involved in addressing unauthorized communications with foreign countries which had resulted in unlawful abandonment of claims of the Government to huge amounts of the allegedly laundered moneys lying in foreign countries including Switzerland.