This is apropos the ongoing scandal of the Pakistan Steel Mills. One is shocked and simply fails to understand the logic behind appointments of individuals like Moeen Aftab Sheikh, Aijaz Haroon, Ali Raza, Salim Raza, Rasul Bukhsh Phulpotto etc on key posts in various state-owned corporations despite their having a history of controversies and financial irregularities to their name. Or was this history of discredit the 'merit for these appointments? Some might say it was just plain incompetence of the executive to have selected these men for such important jobs. Either way, the state of Pakistan has lost billions while men like Riaz Laljee have minted money in the process. The corruption has eroded this countrys prospects of future so much that we are currently witnessing flight of capital from here at an unprecedented scale. -IMRAN NAZEER, Rawalpindi, January 14.