ISLAMABAD - The traders of Aabpara Market Friday held a protest demonstration and observed shutter down after the Jumma prayers against the Rent Control Act imposed during Musharraf regime for the Capital territory. The protestors became violent during the protest and burnt tyres and some scenes of hooliganism were also witnessed during the protest as they broke the shutters as well as glass door of a shop that was vacated by landowner from the possession of a trader. The protestors were holding a protest demonstration against vacating a shop from the possession of a shopkeeper in Aabpara Market by the court bailiff on the orders of a court as it had decided in favour of the landowner of the shop. The protestors termed the Rent Control Act 2001 as a black law of Musharraf regime, which was badly affecting their business. The law was only legislated to give superiority to the landowners of the shops on the tenants, they said. They said that all the traders while taking on board all the traders associations of the capital had sent some proposals to the National Assembly in 2005 to make amendments in the previous law but the legislators had turned a deaf ear to their proposal. The protestors blamed that the landowners of the shops while taking the benefit of Rent Control Act 2001 were exploiting the rights of shopkeepers and had ruined their business. Ajmal Baloch, President of the Traders Welfare Association of Aabpara Market while talking to this scribe said that Rental Act of 2001 was a clear violation of traders rights as they had not been given the right of appeal in the superior courts against the orders of a lower court pertaining to any dispute between the shopkeeper and the landowner of the shop. He further said that no such law was imposed and practised in any province of Pakistan but such a bad law was promulgated in the capital, which was causing problems for the business community. He further said that if the other laws promulgated during the Musharraf regime could be revoked, why such bad law affecting the business community could not be repealed. He also criticized the court bailiff and the Capital Police for vacating the shop in the late hours of the night without informing the shopkeeper. He said that the shop was a franchise of Taj Company Limited and police took all the belongings of the shop into its possession including Holy Qurans that he termed as the desecration of the Holy Quran.